This tool enables a user to create a full sample sheet in JSON format or YAML format, suitable for all our Queue pipelines, from TSV file(s). The tool can be called as follows:

biopet tool SamplesTsvToConfig

To open the help:

biopet tool SamplesTsvToJson -h
Usage: SamplesTsvToJson [options]

  -l <value> | --log_level <value>
        Log level
  -h | --help
        Print usage
  -v | --version
        Print version
  -i <file> | --inputFiles <file>
        Input must be a tsv file, first line is seen as header and must at least have a 'sample' column, 'library' column is optional, multiple files allowed
  -t <file> | --tagFiles <file>

  -o <file> | --outputFile <file>
        When extension is .yml or .yaml output is in yaml format, otherwise in json. When not given output goes to stdout as yaml.

A user provides a TAB separated file (TSV) with sample specific properties which are parsed into JSON format by the tool. For example, a user wants to add certain properties to the description of a sample, such as the treatment a sample received. Then a TSV file with an extra column called treatment is provided. The resulting file will have the 'treatment' property in it as well. The order of the columns is not relevant to the end result

The tag files works the same only the value is prefixed in the key tags.

Sample definition

To get the above example out of the tool one should provide 2 TSV files as follows:

sample library bam
Sample_ID_1 Lib_ID_1 MyFirst.bam
Sample_ID_2 Lib_ID_2 MySecond.bam

Library definition

The second TSV file can contain as much properties as you would like. Possible option would be: gender, age and family. Basically anything you want to pass to your pipeline is possible.

sample treatment
Sample_ID_1 heatshock
Sample_ID_2 heatshock


    treatment: heatshock
        bam: MyFirst.bam
    treatment: heatshock
        bam: MySecond.bam
  "samples" : {
    "Sample_ID_1" : {
      "treatment" : "heatshock",
      "libraries" : {
        "Lib_ID_1" : {
          "bam" : "MyFirst.bam"
    "Sample_ID_2" : {
      "treatment" : "heatshock",
      "libraries" : {
        "Lib_ID_2" : {
          "bam" : "MySecond.bam"