This tool generates Fasta files out of variant (SNP) alignments or full alignments (consensus). It can be very useful to produce the right input needed for follow up tools, for example phylogenetic tree building.


To get the help menu:

biopet tool BastyGenerateFasta -h

Usage: BastyGenerateFasta [options]

  -l <value> | --log_level <value>
        Log level
  -h | --help
        Print usage
  -v | --version
        Print version
  -V <file> | --inputVcf <file>
        vcf file, needed for outputVariants and outputConsensusVariants
  --bamFile <file>
        bam file, needed for outputConsensus and outputConsensusVariants
  --outputVariants <file>
        fasta with only variants from vcf file
  --outputConsensus <file>
        Consensus fasta from bam, always reference bases else 'N'
  --outputConsensusVariants <file>
        Consensus fasta from bam with variants from vcf file, always reference bases else 'N'
        Only use snps from vcf file
  --sampleName <value>
        Sample name in vcf file
  --outputName <value>
        Output name in fasta file header
  --minAD <value>
        min AD value in vcf file for sample
  --minDepth <value>
        min detp in bam file
  --reference <value>
        Indexed reference fasta file

To run the tool please use:

# Minimal example for option: outputVariants (VCF based)
java -jar Biopet-0.2.0.jar tool BastyGenerateFasta --inputVcf myVCF.vcf \
--outputName NiceTool --outputVariants myVariants.fasta

# Minimal example for option: outputConsensus (BAM based)
java -jar Biopet-0.2.0.jar tool BastyGenerateFasta --bamFile myBam.bam \
--outputName NiceTool --outputConsensus myConsensus.fasta

# Minimal example for option: outputConsensusVariants
java -jar Biopet-0.2.0.jar tool BastyGenerateFasta --inputVcf myVCF.vcf --bamFile myBam.bam \
--outputName NiceTool --outputConsensusVariants myConsensusVariants.fasta


  • FASTA containing variants only
  • FASTA containing all the consensus sequences based on a minimal coverage (default:8) but can be modified in the settings config